Easy Homemade Sparkler Alternatives for Little Ones

12:27 PM

 If you have little ones, then you probably know how freaked out they can get by the thought of holding a flaming stick in their hand for any period of time. Or perhaps you have a little daredevil who really wants to play with sparklers like the older kids, but you don't want them to. This is a simple alternative that can be made in a flash and that will allow your little ones to participate on the 4th of July without the danger of losing an eye or burning down the house.

Easy Flashlight Sparklers:


Small size flashlight (the brighter the better)
Double Sided tape
One sided tape
Tinsel left over from Christmas

First, wrap a piece of double sided tape around the top rim of the flashlight.

Second, places one edge of the tinsel on the double sided tape, with the ends hanging down over the rim of the flashlight. Place the tinsel around the entire rim of the flashlight.

Third, wrap a piece of one sided tape (sticky side down) over the tinsel to hold it in place securely.

That's it. Just turn the flashlight on and let the little ones wave them around. The light will reflect off of the sparkly tinsel and they will have a blast while staying safe.

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  1. That is an awesome idea! This was something I was trying to figure out how to improvise, so it came at the perfect time. I'm totally going to do this for tomorrow night.

  2. awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Glad it could help someone out!

  4. I am so doing this next year-- I HATE sparklers. I'm terrified of them.



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