What my Weight Loss Journey Has Taught Me

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Gaining an Understanding

It is funny, when I started my weight loss journey a little over three months ago, I knew there was no way I would fail this time. Of course, I had tried to lose weight a million times in the last 5 years, but I never had the same feeling I had this time. It is as if I woke up one day and just knew that this is what I wanted and I would do whatever it took to wait it out and get results. So, the first thing I learned from my weight loss journey, is to have a better understanding for what a person's mindset must be in order to change their lives.

You hear it all the time with drug addicts and alcoholics too and it is true. You cannot help someone and no one can help you until you decide that you want to do something about it. Every other time that I tried to lose weight I was not dedicated to it and that is why I failed.

Learning to be Patient

I am not a patient person by nature and becoming a teen mom and then a single mom of four boys made me even less patient if possible. I want instant results and when I don't get them I generally give up. Looking back over the course of my weight loss journey so far, I have learned what can be accomplished with some patience. To me, it is amazing to be able to say that I have lost 33 pounds and the goal of 50 pounds does not see very unattainable to me anymore. It is true. "Good things come to those who wait."

Becoming Aware of my Strength

Although there was no doubt in my mind that I would succeed this time around, the journey has not been without its bumps and temptations. In the beginning, I used to cook dinner measure my portion and feed myself and the kids. Any leftovers went into the trash, because I was afraid I would sneak back and each them later that night. I knew I was not strong enough at that point in my journey so I got rid of the temptation.

Another example of the strength that I evidently posses occurred a week or so ago. My friend brought over two cheese pizzas for us, but I did not have enough calories left in the day to eat that for dinner. However, at one point I actually hid a piece under my shirt and snuck to the bathroom with it. As I was scarfing down the first few bites like my old "emotional eating self," I had a conversation with myself and ended up putting two thrids of the slice back in the box and eating a healthy meal instead.

My weight loss journey has not been easy, but attaining the best things in life very rarely are. However, I have learned a lot in this short amount of time and have come a long way. There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to have success and learn more from this amazing trip.

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  1. you are definitely right. It has to be a mind set and mind over matter. For me it was easier to overhaul my eating lifestyle than to diet. I gave up all fast food and processed food. Now everything has to be cooked from scratch or eaten raw (like fruits and veggies) I am a busy mom too so I make enough to freeze or put up for another night. I still cook like Paula Deen and love some butter and bacon grease but my reducing the amount of processed food and "box" food I eat I have started losing tremendous amounts of weight without the guilt and struggle I faced with dieting. That is awesome you are over 2/3's of the way on your weight loss journey! You deserve a big congrats!!

  2. Thanks Darcy! That is what I did as well. I have not "dieted," but instead of measured everything and cut out fats in cooking. Just like yourself, we rarely eat fast food out anymore and no processed or ready made foods. I have been able to have things like ice cream, pizza and even Red Lobster in the last few months, but I had to cut back on calories in my other meals and make sensible choices and portion control in order to have the treats.

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! Good luck with the weight loss journey. I'm right there with you. Keep up the good work and don't give up. Whenever you have a set back, just get right back up and start again. Its a journey and a lifestyle.

  4. Wow , thanks for how candid you are about your struggle, you are speaking a lot of womens' language. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog http://setfreetosucceed.blogspot.com and following me. I am now following you too! I look forward to blogging more with you!



  5. Wishing you much success in your journey! May you keep that fantastic mind set going.



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