This is Why I Should Learn to Be Mean!

4:21 AM

Warning! This is a bit of a rant post. Does anyone care to take a guess as to why I am up at 4am and why I have not been able to sleep all night? Anyone? Okay, you beat it out of me so I will tell you. It is not because I have a precious newborn that won't sleep through the night. It isn't because I am in terrible pain and can't get rid of it. It is because my heart is too big and I never learned how to just say no and be mean.

I had seen this stray dog wandering our rural neighborhood for the last week or so and had not paid it much attention, as many neighbors let their dogs run around from time to time. However, on Wednesday night on our way home from our weekly routine dinner out, I noticed him laying in a hole he had dug outside of the vacant house next door. He was just laying there and wouldn't move and it was about to rain.

So, what did I do? I carried his fat little doggie butt into the house and put an ad on Craigslist that he had been found. Last night went just fine and he has been perfectly behaved. Until I decided to go to bed tonight that is. Tonight, every time I go in the room he whines and cries until I come out, but he won't come in the room with me and the only way he will shut-up is if I sit in the chair next to him where I usually work on my computer. Here I am, going to have to take care of children in three hours with absolutely no sleep and it is all because I never learned how to be mean and mind my own business.

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  1. Good on ya for taking him in! That's not good that he's just whining though, why do you think he won't go into your room with you? Good luck and I have a bleeding heart as well so your not alone and I would have done the same!

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  2. Thanks for stopping by Cam.I don't know why he won't come in the room. He doesn't like to go anywhere but the dining room, right by the sliding glass door where I sit with my computer.

  3. It sounds like you have a new family member :) We found a dog a few years ago and were ready to adopt him when we finally found the owner! Have you called the vets around town and brought him in to be scanned for a microchip? The dog we found wasn't chipped, but his owner had been calling and leaving messages with the vets in town and that's how we ended up finding him. I hope he settles in a bit or you're able to find his owner soon!



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