Thank God for Summer Camp

11:31 AM

The boys got out of school on June 4th and since then have been constantly fighting and trying to destroy my home. Not to mention asking me a million questions a day and making me go mad. I know as a mom I am not supposed to say things like that. I am supposed to say how blessed I am and that I love every minute of being pecked incessantly. Well, that just is not the truth.

I am indeed blessed and I love my children with everything I am, but I can't get work done like that. So, my income for the last twelve days has taken quite a hit, since I work from home. Perhaps it is the fact that I have been going it alone for so long or that all the responsibility for everything from bills to breakfast has always been on my shoulders, but lately I feel like I am about to burst.

Anyway, today the summer camp at the school started! Not only that, but they have gotten money from a grant and it is free! How wonderful is that? So from 8AM-1:45PM, I can get everything I need to done with only my youngest at home as usual. This is awesome, because it leaves me free to spend quality fun time with the boys the rest of the day without being stressed out because I am not getting the essential things done.

Can anyone else relate to this? Share your thougths about the kids being home for the summer in the comment section below and don't worry, we won't bash you. :)

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  1. Our summer started monday and I am going insane. I am visiting here from MBC and just followed you. Love your blog.
    xo, Tracy



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