Sometimes Life Gives You Lemons!

12:59 PM

Yesterday was a definite day of ups and downs in my house. Around lunchtime, I was notified that I had won a sweepstakes that had been held online and that I would be going to New York. The initial emails stated that I was the winner and that I needed to send the paperwork back through email and then a representative would contact me to set up travel arrangements since the trip is this week.

Later that evening, the woman from the company contacted me and basically said "Oh, sorry to mislead you, but you are only the winner if this other person doesn't get their paperwork back by 9PM Pacific time." I had not heard anything all night, so I emailed this morning and just got a reply that this "mystery man" decided to take the trip.

The whole series of events has been very sketchy and horrible and I can't believe that a company would mislead people like that. I have decided to not let it ruin the rest of my week though and tomorrow I go out to buy the new pool for the boys this summer.

So when life gives you lemons, just pick yourself up, buy a pool and get lots of hugs from your little ones!

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