Random Questions From a 4-Year-Old

11:06 PM

Let me introduce you to Jase. He is my youngest son and is 4 years old. He loves nothing more than to sit all day and line his cars up in a very obsessive compulsive way, and you better watch out if you put one out of place. He is truly my ray of sunshine on a bad day and always has a silly grin and big big hug waiting for me every morning. he has been known to bust out with a "Guess what mommy, I love you" spontaneously throughout the day and his nickname is "Beanie Bug."

Usually he does not ask a lot of questions, but I guess today was an inquisitive sort of day. On the way to my mom's house for a visit today, these are some of the questions I was asked, along with my corresponding answers and his comments afterward.

Jase: "Mommy why are those cars parking in the woods?" (referring to a car rental lot in the woods)
Me: "Because they are parked there waiting for people to rent them."
Jase: "Lets go park our van there too."

Jase: "Mommy, why are there train tracks in this world?" (as we cross over some train tracks)
Me: "So the trains have somewhere to drive."
Jase: "Yeah, cause trains can't drive on roads."

Jase: "Gammie (my mom) why is that car parked here." (referring to her MG)
Gammie: "Because that is where we parked it."
Jase: "Oh, that car is red." (It is red)

Jase: "Mommy, why are you mad."
Me: "Because your brothers are being bad." (fighting and screaming in the car)
Jase: "Oh, I not being bad." (Indeed he was not.)

It is funny to sit back and think what goes through little minds on a daily basis. I would love to be a fly on the wall inside some of their little heads. I hope everyone had a bright an beautiful Sunday and stay tuned for a new giveaway tomorrow!

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