My Febreze House Party Swag!!!

12:48 PM

I cannot even believe how generous House Party and Febreze are being to all of us that are hosting Febreze house parties next weekend! I just received my party pack for this amazing event and it is beyond my wildest dreams!

Included in the kit were Febreze napkins for the party, tons of coupons, a branded apron, two room sprays, 5 flameless luminary starter kits, 18 flameless luminary refills, 10 scented reed diffusers and 16 of their brand new Set and Refresh products! This is an amazing package and is by far the best one I have ever received as a House Party host.

After trying each of these products out for a few days, I will be giving each one a detailed review here, but I wanted to share a picture and my excitement with all of you today. The pomegranate mango scent is amazing by the way! If you are not a member of House Party yet, sign up here for your chance to be a host of great parties like this one.

Stay tuned for those product reviews and possibly even a great giveaway. *hint hint*

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  1. I'm following from MBC. :)


  2. I've seen the advertisements for these House Parties and always wondered how they worked. It looks like a really great deal. I might sign up for one the next time I receive an invitation. I'm following from MBC.

  3. Oh Brenda, if you are not a member there or if you turn down the invites, then you are surely missing out. It is always free and if chosen, you always get a free party pack. All you have to do is have a party at your home on the given day and share the product or service with your friends and family! Thanks you both for joining me here at Life With 4 Boys!

  4. Also following from MBC. Good luck! You're doing a great job so far!

  5. wow, that looks great! I love your design, I am on the search for a great 'boy' design,I'll have to check Sheila out. this is perfect!
    I have 3 boys, and I'm following from MBC

  6. Dang Girl I should have in on that House party. I used a gallons of Febreeze every month. This is awesome. If you have any leftovers you send them to me.

  7. Yes, it is quite the package even for House Party. You can always stop by tomorrow and enter to win some of the products in my giveaway. I have gotten permission to have a giveaway with a few of the extra products I won't need for my party.

  8. You have the cutest blog header!! I am supposed to be getting my Febreze package soon and after seeing your picture, I am sooo excited!

    Thanks for following me from MBC, following you back!!

  9. New follower!

    That is awesome!! I did the Red Baron House Party! :-)

  10. How awesome! I am still waiting for mine to arrive. I am so loo9king forward to this party as it is my first House Party!




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