Rimless Glasses Overview

2:43 PM

I have been asked to write an overview for and their rimless eyeglasses. launched in 2004 and provides a unique service that few others even come close to. What they do, is combine the helpfulness of price comparison websites with the thoughtfulness of product review websites, to give buyers the perfect mix of bargain and well informed shopping.

For example, they have a current listing of over 1,100 different types, brands and styles of rimless eyeglasses, including elegant Liz Claiborne rimless frames and these almost transparent Bendable Titanium frames. If you are shopping for rimless glasses or anything else for that matter, you may want to check out, as you can instantly see hundreds of results for the type of product you need, with instant price comparisons and product information. A helpful tool for any busy mom who has barely a minute to spare in order to find the best deal!

* This overview was brought to you by, but the thoughts, words and opinions included are entirely my own and were not influenced by any outside factors.

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