Monday, April 28, 2014

Sponsored: 3 Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

Let's face it, no one really enjoys cleaning. Okay, so maybe there are a rare few that do, but I know I am certainly not one of them. If it is boring, and it generally is, I will avoid it at all costs. That's why, whenever possible, I try to find ways to make cleaning fun. Glad understands that cleaning is always easier when you add a little fun. Need proof, just check out their latest video above. So, I thought to go along with the new Glad Black Bag campaign, I would share some ways to make cleaning fun that I use around the house.

Ways to make #cleaning and #organizing more fun!

Blast Your Favorite Music

One surefire way to make cleaning fun and help it move along more quickly, is to put your favorite music on while doing it. I can't tell you how many times I have started to clean with some of my favorite tunes playing, and the work was done before I knew it!

Make it a Game

Enlist the kids to help clean the house, and make it into a fun game or competition. Whoever can get the most clothes folded in a certain amount of time, who can sweep up the room the fastest. Making cleaning into a game with motivate everyone to have more fun and get done faster.

Purchase Fun Time-Saving Products

Now, I don't like cleaning, but with some of those fun duster tools or designer rubber gloves, cleaning can be fairly enjoyable. If all else fails, strap some dusting pads to your feet and skate across the room to pick up dust and dirt. Fun, no?

To find out more ways to make cleaning fun, you can visit the Glad Black Bag site, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest coupons, promotions and tips.

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