Thursday, July 18, 2013

Arrow Rock State Historic Site - Days 37 & 38

After our rest in actual beds in Dodge City, KS., we headed back to our tent in Arrow Rock State Historic Park in Missouri. This is a much smaller park than others we have been too, but it makes up for its size with charming sites and miles of green fields dotted with freshly cut hay bales. When we pulled up, it honestly looked like something straight out of a quaint countryside painting, complete with red sided barns and white picket fences. Although this was a short two night stay and we arrived later in the evening out first day. we found plenty of fun and relaxation to keep us happy here.

The Arrow Rock State Historic Site is built around the small town of Arrow Rock, Missouri, which was once a bustling river town in 1834. You can wander the streets of the old town in "Boone's Lick Country", and even take in a meal in period settings at the Old Tavern, although keep in mind that much of the town's buildings are closed on Monday and Tuesday, which happened to be the days we were there.

The campground is on the smaller side as well, but is well maintained and was fairly vacant when we were there. There is a tent side and a full hook-up side, as well as showers and flush toilets. The boys enjoyed playing for hours on the playground by the picnic area too.

The visitor's center has a great museum in it that contains many artifacts from the area's good old days and there is a Lewis and Clark Trail Marker at the site. We were able to check out some fishing poles from the visitor's center for free and the boys spent an afternoon trying their luck at Big Soldier Lake.

If you are looking for a quieter state park experience, I would highly recommend Arrow Rock State Historic Site. Their staff if knowledgeable and friendly, and it is just a quiet place where you can sink into the past.