Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Free Zumba Videos Online

I love Zumba! Normally when I have started exercising in the past, I get burnt out quickly. Zumba is the one thing  that I have found that I really enjoy doing and it motivates me to do more. An hour Zumba video goes by in a heartbeat and I don't even realize I have been working out. As far as cardio goes, it is one of the highest calorie burning things you can do and it won't even make you sore the next day. I am not confident enough to go to a gym yet, so I started searching for Zumba classes online. The videos below are some of my favorites. No, the video and sound aren't always the greatest, but I was able to follow alone and these are free Zumba videos, so you can't be too picky!

This is the first video I ever tried and I like that he gives a little rundown of the moves before each new song and it also gives you a bit of a rest between each set.

This free Zumba workout is awesome if you are looking for a shorter workout time, but she will definitely work your booty off. It is made for beginners, so you should be able to do it, even if you are just getting started.

If you just want to have some fun, then this Persian Zumba video is for you! This is such a fun workout, I love the songs and the instructor has a mega ton of energy to spare.

This workout is almost a half hour and would work for any level. She has some pretty interesting dance moves that you don't see in every Zumba video.

This girl is super cute, full of energy and she will definitely make you work it!