Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Giving Back This Holiday Season - Are you in Need?

I have been blessed this year. Not so much with tons of money, but just in life. There used to be a time though, when I would wait out in the freezing weather for 9-10 hours just at the chance of getting a toy from a local church to help give my boys a Christmas. Those years are long since over, but I am forever grateful for those who were able to help me when I most needed it. That is why I want to give a little back this year.

I had grand plans of having a charity auction with some toys I had bought and stockpiled and give the money to a local boy's home, but I have been so sick lately that it just didn't happen. I will be donating the toys to local programs instead. I wanted to give back to my amazing blog readers too though, those who may be going through tough times this year and don't know how they are going to put presents under the tree.

I was recently given an Amazon gift card from the Fairy Hobmother from AppliancesOnline, who saw my comment on A Nut in a Nutshell's post and decided to make a visit to my email inbox. I have decided to take that offer of a gift card and pair it with some of my own money to offer 8 readers a $25 gift card each to Amazon.com. I realize it is not a lot, but it will allow you to qualify for free shipping and there are still 6 more days to order in time for Christmas! It will hopefully enable some of you to put a gift under the tree that otherwise may not be there.

I wish I could give more and I wish that no one had to want this Christmas, but this is what I can offer. Please leave a comment below if you are in need of a little extra help this Christmas. Please include your email address or have it linked to a Blogger account with an email address. I will send the gift cards out by email by tomorrow afternoon to the first 8 people who comment saying they need some help. Please do not say you need help you are not truly in need.

Thank-you to everyone who stops by Life With 4 Boys, I appreciate each one of your visits and wish you all a very Happy Holidays!