Friday, September 30, 2011

Fugly Friday - The Ugliest Things on Craigslist from Hartford, CT.

No kidding folks, for $35 you too can own a dirty cut up old tire. Or, you could wait until you run over a nail or piss off an ex and then just cut up a dirty old tire of your own.

This weeks' Fugly Friday post is dedicated to Lorie over at The Shewbridges of Central Florida. Last week, she specifically requested that I do the Waterbury, CT. area, but unfortunately they do not have a Craigslist site. So, I had to go with Hartford, which after consulting a map of the state looked to be the closest area around Waterbury with a Craigslist page. So anyway, enough with the rambling and on with the fugliness!

They are selling the hull on the left for $2500 without the engine or transmission or $5000 with them. My favorite part in the add is when they show a picture of the new car on the right though, and hope to subliminally talk you into buying the old scrapped out one.

For $400, you can wear the animal kingdom on your head. Little bit of squirrel here, little bit of fox there. One big fuzzy overpriced mess! Seriously, I don't know what the hat is made of, but it is ugly and way too expensive.

When someone feels the need to point out that some thing is "still working" like it is an added bonus, that is a sign that you likely don't want to buy it. I would think that an electronic device working would be implied unless otherwise stated and not that it was considered a strong selling point.

What is Fugly Friday without an ugly couch?

Here is another one of those "vintage" items. Funny how they are so often featured on Fugly Friday posts. These things may be worth a lot, but it is only my job to say they are ugly. You can own this rusty bike for $100 if you are so inclined.